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The Story Behind: “Everything But The Girl” / “Bluestocking”

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I was recently commissioned to paint the picture of a young lady.











I eschew formal meetings and negotiations with my clients in lieu of quick chats. I rely solely on my sense of the subject, demeanor, aura, mannerisms to begin my creative process to paint the person.

Most artists will ask their clients a lot of questions before putting a brushstroke to the canvas. I prefer to know little to nothing about them. This puts me in my sweet spot moment, when my  mind starts the process and Creativity takes over. I can feel it…










This piece is entitled “Everything…but the Girl” but it could also be entitled “Bluestocking,”
one can see the direct trajectory and focus in the extremely intelligent eyes.

The attractive, confident gaze, the tilt of her head, all let the viewer know this sharp professional woman has steadfast intent.

Her plans are already in motion; forward to success. She wears a beautiful, azure-colored blouse, the final step to the conclusion: she is the TRUE “Bluestocking.”








Another conclusion would be: Art takes no prisoners, it takes “Everything…But The Girl”


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