LinkedIn: Not A Great Place For Artists

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Where did I grow tired and frustrated of LinkedIn? Every day actually. I’m an artist, I have zero patience. I switch social media platforms so often during the day, but it’s always LinkedIn which is giving me serious pains, like when you are having the Mac experience and you try to go back to Windows.
I hope the people at Microsoft will read this one. We users aren’t asking for the moon, are we? In this post, I will try to ask kindly.


1- Please, fix your chat experience
Nothing moves there, I appreciate the effort you made in adding notifications like the three jumping dots while a person is writing or have read my message, or the green dot for the status update. It still lacks motion! Sometimes I completely lose my
I don’t believe people are too busy to chat. Busy is the new stupid. Networking is about conversations. Your tool isn’t just sexy enough. And who decided to add those useless buttons, Not Sure, Thanks? “Not sure” about what? Just get rid of them.

2- Please, play nice with other social media platforms
Why do my recipients get a security check when I share my Facebook Art Page? I have to direct my interlocutors to my website, ask them to click on my social media icons in the menu bar to… come on LinkedIn.
Same story with my articles. If I decide to share

3- Please, can I get the notifications of my own posts?
It’s obvious, isn’t it? I get notifications from others’ but not mine. Go figure.

4- Please, Let me send group messages separately
Steal from Facebook or Whatsapp. Don’t be ashamed, great artists do steal.

5- Please, build a messaging app
Separate things. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.

6- Please build a group app
Frustrating to leave my phone and having to open my laptop to interact with my groups.

7- Please, let me call my connections
A phone icon in the chat? Is it possible?

8- Please, let me add reminders to my conversations
For doing this I’m using Google keep, I wish I could just plan more things within your app. We users have so many conversations that we are losing count and track. Artists are not well versed in Salesforce.

9- Bring my contact cards to my Office365
Many moons ago you let me Evernote the profile of my connections. I heard the news that you are finally putting Microsoft Office products in the game. It was about time, wasn’t it?

10- Please explain. What’s a showcase page? Can I get recommendations for my page?
I’m baffled. What’s the difference between an official business page and a showcase page? Why can I get recommendations for my personal profile and not for my page? Facebook ghost kicking at my door.

11- Please open the door to monetization features.
It would be so nice to invoice clients via your app. What about a nice Paypal button somewhere in the chat window?


In conclusion, let’s stop the hypocrisy, sorry to break it down to you but LinkedIn is Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest already. I see selfies of Instagram bimbos that get tons of likes and comments. I see thumbs up emoji replies to my plain English written sentences. I see hashtags. I see womanizers, ladies men there. Why don’t I see the essential tools which will help me network easily?

Next thing I know is somebody who will serve me the “Facebook / Whatsapp is only for my friends” excuse.
Hello…wake up! we only make business with friends, homie!

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