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What’s The Value of Art?

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What’s the value of art? Why should we care? When in doubt, I look at pictures like this one.

It absolutely makes no sense to lose everything in a heartbeat. Shit happens: what we earned and fought so hard for…is all gone. What’s left? Sweet memories, nostalgia ultra, and maybe: a piece of artwork.

Why artists paint? To share this uncanny ability they have to journey back in their own system, capture all the emotions, come back and give it real straight to their own kind. They paint for the L.O.V.E of sharing the gift.

We –humans– are fighters. In life, when we get knocked down hard, we seek and crave for that moment of divine inspiration. The sparkle which will make us pop right back up, even through the fire.

Art is priceless. It’s the metronome of our hearts and makes sense of it all.

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