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When Art, Music & Wine Collide

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Travelling is mandatory. But there are also ways to travel without moving from your chair: Wine.

In Gaillac [France], there is a word that comes up often when we talk about its vineyard: diversity. And the range of wines is no exception, by offering a range of exceptional wealth.

No matter if you are into Red or White, tip it over. Gently swirl it, smell it, watch it change, watch it glow, its robe dances and grooves in front of you first, then in your palate from the front, left, center.

Pick your poison!

When it happens, I feel alive. I dream about collaborations, like when Miles Davis needed Coltrane to make the “Kind of Blue”album complete. One could be my White and the other a plate of “Chicken Parmigiana” with a sweet side of spaghetti?

Red or White wine?
Red Vs White

To top it all, how about contemplating the artwork “One More Wine” I made in 2017, a tribute to my epicurean nature.

Wine tasting, like Art, is a lifestyle. A never-ending, ravishing experience.

french wine cave
enjoying great moments!

*Please always drink in moderation 😉



1 comment

  1. Superb thoughts, you are correct. Wine is a living thing, it’s never the same twice, always changing due to when we have it, the moment we open it, the year produced etc. Chin-Chin!

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