Lionel Thomas
is establishing himself as one of Africa’s most vibrant artistic talents.

France-born and international artist Lionel Thomas brings a colorful perspective and injects new life into the art world with his myriad of vibrant works. A self-taught artist, Lionel finds inspiration in the dynamic energy of both his city of Lille and Yaounde (Cameroon) his Cameroonian and French roots and creates pieces that are rich in music culture. Lionel Thomas has also found inspiration in Jazz and Blues music.

Amidst his success professionally, Lionel has made it his life’s mission to use his talent to give back to the community by remaining an active teacher. His charitable efforts have spanned Cameroon and France.

Lionel continues to thrive in his career by taking on new projects and constantly challenging himself as an artist. His talent and conviction to share his colorful perspective with the world continues to grow and evolve

      Gobsmacked by its brilliance. Superb and definitely worth seeing.

    thumb Odile Faludi

      I just purchased Mh-Allah because I was taken with the image I viewed of it on LinkedIn. It arrived today and I am very pleased with my purchase. The fine art canvas is of wonderful quality, and the colors are vibrant and pleasing. Lionel was very responsive to ship the piece to me quickly, and I am excited to have this framed and hung in my home office! I am glad I treated myself!

    thumb Kristin Sherry